• Data Science for Informed Decisions


    Next Gen Analytics and Consulting

    Location Based Customer Segmentation

    Mission: Create or improve customer segmentation based on Usage & Location Data

    Europe, Middle East

    • Location & Usage based pattern for prepaid markets

    • Real time customer segmentation for mature market


    Complex Fraud Management

    Mission: Data Discovery Approach to identify Fraud Pattern 

    Europe, Africa

    • Non-Coherent account (IMSI and MSISDN for the same account, from different countries,…)

    • Modified IMEI (stolen devices, jailbreak, rooted devices,...)

    • Tracking of stolen devices (location, user)

    • Unauthorized usages (M2M with regular subscription and vice versa)

    • Retail Network Fraud detection


    Advanced Network Planning

    Mission: Improve Network Planning for Hetnets, Small Cells, LTE advanced and future 4G/5G features

    Europe, Asia

    • Next Gen Network Roll out and Capacity Planning

    • Network Porosity

    • 4G deployment and eligible customer alerting

    • Matchmaking between handset capabilities/presence and network coverage (3G, Dual Carrier, 4G)

    • Large Events coverage management


    Mobile Malware Detection

    Mission: Detect & Identify Malware downloaded by Mobile Users


    • Real time malware download or usage on Mobile Networks

    • Malware Reverse Engineering




    Masae Analytics supports mobile operators, tech providers and development agencies in leveraging data

    Social Media Analytics

    Sentiment analytics and influencers’ mapping based on social media

    North Africa

    • Deep dive into social media usage
    • Mapping of trends and influence
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) from Tweets & Facebook pages in Arabic
    • Sentiment analysis

    Water Sanitation (NextDrop, India for the GSMA)

    Customer Analytics applied to water sanitation

    Bangalore, India

    • Support to a service notifying customers of fresh supply of water (date and time) in Bangalore area
    • Assessment of water distribution systems
    • Customer Journey analytics
    • Evaluation of the service



    Digital Inclusion in Africa

    Reaching the last mile: targeting areas with no connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa

    Sub-Saharan Africa

    • Identification of underserved areas with no or little access to connectivity (less than 1 Mbps)
    • Focus on public services such as hospitals or schools
    • Development of geo-marketing tools based on QGIS to pinpoint target segments of beneficiaries or areas by type


    m-Health (HNI, for the GSMA)

    Assessing effectiveness of a mobile health solution


    • Support to a free on-demand information resource accessible using simple mobile phones
    • Customer journey analytics leveraging data points from 3 million users
    • Sankey data visualization to identify areas for improvement
    • Evaluation of the service


    m-Insurance (the One Acre Fund, for the GSMA)

    Analytic assessment of mobile insurance product targeting farmers


    • Support to the development and offering of affordable index-based and indemnity-based micro insurance products
    • Customer Journey analytics
    • Review of the business model
    • Evaluation of the service


    Detection of Rural Markets using CDR data

    Mapping of Rural Markets (and definition of catchment areas)

    Selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa

    • Data-driven method to detect & describe periodic gatherings (rural markets, sports events,...) in the target areas

    • Leverage this information to design a strategy for service providers to reach out more effectively to rural customers

    • Project successfully implemented in one country of East Africa


    Mapping of human gatherings without mobile connectivity 

    Analysis of satellite imagery, population distribution maps and connectivity data to map untapped demand

    10+ countries in Africa

    • Connectivity Gap Analysis through mapping of potential demand for connectivity (based on population distribution, human settlements, literacy ratios, HDI index,...) combined with existing connectivity supply (2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, FTTH)
    • Prioritization of areas most promising to cover from an economic perspective


    Quantifying destruction in areas liberated from Islamic State using SAR data

    Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) Data Analysis to localize and quantify destruction

    Iraq & Syria


    • Use of the Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data made available by the European Space Agency to identify "incoherence" in radar response
    • To enrich the understanding of those incoherent patterns and bring contextual background other sources are used: traditional satellite imagery, VIIRS data, social networks, news media, field research, secondary research, etc.
    • This allows us not to only to localize damaged/preserved areas, but also to quantify the level of destruction, and – if need be – specify the timing of the destruction



    Every single industry should benefit from aggregated and anonymous data 

    Transport Services

    Mission: Public Transportation Optimization & Infrastruture Planning


    • Real time trafic management

    • Multimodal transportation and users pattern analytics

    • Calibration/planning of transport infrastructure

    • Infrastructure Optimization


    Public Sector/Tourism

    Mission: Tourists visits/pattern in specific point of interest


    • Heat Maps of population

    • Predictive data on electricity consumption

    • Density & population flows during large events

    • Touristic flow analysis



    Mission: Catchment Area Study


    • Location based advertising and marketing campaign

    • Shopping Patterns

    • Feasibility study (optimal location for new stores)

    • Competitive analysis

    • Media Planning


    Emergency Management/Gov.

    Mission: Proof of concept for a Telco


    • Emergency Platform for Gov.

    • Real time reporting on Crisis Impact

    • Multi-channels Alerting


    Financial Services/Mobile Money

    Mission: Dynamic MFS Users and Agent segmentation

    Europe, Africa

    • Mobile money agents dynamic geomarketing

    • Catchment area for mobile money use cases (Cash in/out, In store Payment,…)

    • Customer segmentation for Mobile Financial Services

    • Customer & Transactions scoring and Fraud Management based on Location Data
    • Customer Journey in mobile money
    • Churn Prediction of mobile money users
    • Product Adoption Propensity of mobile money users

    "Masae Analytics supports a wide array of players in unleashing the potential of their data, leveraging billions of location-based data, call data records and transactional data in sectors such as financial services, mobile telephony, infrastructure, utilities, agriculture, etc."



    Gilles Morain - Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Masae Analytics. 


    Gilles has a 16 year experience in Telco Technical Project Management (access network, service platform, innovation). His main area of expertise is Big Data technology and Mobile Security (malware, mobile software and forensics investigation)



    Our clients include global industry leaders, local players as well as international organizations



    Global association of mobile operators and related companies


    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


    "Impatient optimists working to reduce inequity"




    Global telecommunications corporation


    Zain KSA


    Branch of Zain Group, pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East




    British Broadcasting Corporation

    Airtel Money


    Mobile Money practice of a leading telecom operator in Africa


    EI Telecom


    French Full MVNO with several brands incl. NRJ Mobile


    Carving Labs


    Connects point of sales with customers mobile phones




    Leading satellite operator in Europe, the Middle East and Africa




    Leading satellite operator, active in Africa


    Africa Strategy consulting

    Altai Consulting


     Strategy consulting & research services in developing countries


    Tigo Cash


    Mobile Money operations of Tigo, a leading mobile operator in Africa & Latin America


    Insight 2 Impact


    i2i aims "to unlock development outcomes by mobilising the data market and catalysing the generation and use of high quality, client-centric data"




    US Government development agency


    United Nations


    Various UN Agencies



    Largest African Mobile Operator



    Leading US development consultancy



    Media development NGO active in conflict zones



    Mobile Operator active in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia


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