360° Mobile Data Discovery

Central Africa

Client Brief

  • In a highly concentrated market, an African MNO was time pressured to enhance its performance

  • It commissioned Masae Analytics to explore its data from various angles with a view to foster mobile usage, reduce churn, develop acquisition, prioritise CAPEX


  • Masae collected several months of anonymised data/SMS/voice Call Detail Records (CDRs), IMEI data, airtime purchase and transaction records, along with coordinates of base stations

  • Based on this data, Masae was able to conduct several use cases covering: usage analysis, 3G/4G roll-out optimisation, ARPU segmentation, identification of potential high value customers, detection of frauds, market share analysis, churn and acquisition dynamics

  • Each use case included a geographical dimension to allow immediate and local implementation of our recommendations


  • Final report presenting the results of all the use cases along with maps allowing to implement our recommendations locally