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Building a Geographic Sampling Frame for a Household Survey

in the Middle East

Context and Issues

  • The reliability of a survey depends on the unbiased and sensible selection of respondents.

  • In the absence of a granular census, Masae was asked to select the best locations to conduct household interviews in Iraq.

  • The client wanted Masae to sample accurate locations falling on dwellings, in both urban and rural areas, weighted by population densities at country level.


  • Masae leveraged satellite-derived data: High-resolution built-up presence probability layer from Sentinel-2 images and high-resolution population density estimates

  • This data was used to partition sampled administrative units in smaller iso-population enumeration areas based on spatial population distribution. Then target locations were sampled in each enumeration area, using built-up presence probability density


  • Ready-to-use interactive & online maps with target locations for interviewers


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