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Understanding Audience Reaction to Communication and Media Campaigns

Libya, Tunisia, Eritrea, Iraq

Context and Issues

Some organisations in charge of stabilization and peace recovery in conflict-affected countries use Facebook pages to promote key messages. These organisations need to know which content is the most impactful, how their audience is behaving and more generally how they can improve their online footprint.


Masae collect and analyse several years of Facebook data related to the organisation's pages, including post, engagement and comments, to:

  • Measure audience and analyze its evolution

  • Understand which topics generate the most engagement and which ones generate negative reactions and comments

  • Identify the optimal posting hours / content formats

  • Provide recommendation on a social media strategy

Combining its contextual knowledge, presence on the ground and its text mining, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities, Masae is able to provide comprehensive reports containing 360° view of topics, sentiments, popularity and trends with actionable recommendations.


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