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What we do

Data Mining & Prediction
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Data Mining & Prediction
We leverage state-of-the-art modelling techniques and machine learning algorithms to produce strategic insights and build powerful predictive models from data
Geospatial Analytics
We combine our data science skill set with an expertise in GIS and field experience to build high-resolution indicators and classify geographic areas
Remote Sensing
Social Media Analytics
Dataviz & Web Platforms
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Remote Sensing
We investigate public opinion and unravel interconnections between influential parties by collecting and analysing millions of tweets, posts and comments from Facebook, Twitter & other social media
We collect, process and analyse satellite imagery, producing land classificationvegetation indices and urban change detection and feature extraction using neural networks
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Social Media Analytics
Dataviz & Web Platforms
We build interactive data visualisation web platforms allowing to get the most out of the data we collect
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