Deforestation Assessment


Client Brief

  • Masae was requested by the AFD to identify deforested zones and assess the volume of available ressources in an area which is famous for being the main wood supply basin for Niamey


  • Masae processed likewise :

  • Extraction of pixel-level information from Sentinel 2 imagery and generation of indicators data for Niamey wood supply basin

  • Use of Machine learning to classify each pixel of the different images obtained depending on 8 land use classes

  • Pre-/post analysis of the images allowing the team to identify areas where land use had changed between 2019 and 2020, thereby identifying deforested areas

  • The machine learning algorithm used to classify pixel by land use class achieved 99.5% accuracy. The team was able to detect deforested and degraded areas consistent with ground truth collected by a third party


  • A platform has been developed to visualise the data. It is available here