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Satellite and remote sensing training for media

Masae Analytics provides comprehensive training to newsrooms, both for non-technical journalists and specialized teams in photo/graphics services. Our objective is to help journalists understand how satellite data can contribute to the stories they work on. At the end of the 8-hour training, journalists will be able to manipulate several open-source tools to search for satellite imagery, access the right image and conduct preliminary analysis.


Masae Analytics also provides an outsourced "satellite desk” function for newsrooms, ensuring access to reliable expertise and resources whenever satellite data is needed in a story.​

What you will learn

Throughout the sessions, practical exercises will be proposed, based on real use cases (past media stories involving satellite data)

Essential concepts in satellite and remote sensing

  • The different kinds of satellites

  • What they can/can’t provide

  • The main constraints: time-frequency, spatial resolution, depth of the archives, etc.

  • Prices overview

Datasets derived from satellite images

  • Presentation and introduction to the processes used to obtain and use them

  • Datasets showcase: Built-up, populated areas, Land use / Land cover (LULC), etc.

How to go beyond the visible image

  • Going further with satellite: other fields accessible

  • The infrared light: monitoring of vegetation and moisture

  • Radio frequency signals: night light, and other measures

Advanced and under development use cases

  • Advanced use cases: Current status and near future

  • Datasets showcase: Radar and radio signals, greenhouse gas measurements, etc.

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