Geo-marketing Platform for a Satellite Operator

Europe, Africa

Client Brief

  • The client, a satellite operator, wanted to have an overview of the most promising locations to expend their business on.


  • Masae used multiple data sources:

  • Connectivity supply data was taken either from telecom operators or from OpenCellID, to assess the demand for connectivity both for private customers (hotspots) and B2B/B2G targets in a wide range of countries

  • Population maps provided by Facebook (HRSL), WorldPop, or adhoc sources

  • Business directories for the B2B segment

  • The process developed by Masae included the following steps:

  • Input validation by comparing different sources of similar data

  • Aggregation & disaggregation of data at the desired geographical level

  • Final analysis & computing of coverage figures


  • Publishing of maps & data on online dynamic platforms with tailored download, filter and search options