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Geospatial Analysis Training for a Development Bank


Map of Colombia used for financial inclusion analysis

Context and issues

A Colombian development bank wanted to analyse financial inclusion in the country, by geolocating cash-in cash-out agents and cross-analysing this data with population density layers, economic activity layers, and other geospatial dimensions to better inform policy making.


Masae designed and facilitated in Spanish a hands-on, in-person training that included:

  • Web-scrapping of bank institutions websites

  • Geocoding of street addresses

  • Geospatial visualization with QGIS

  • Geospatial data processing with Python

  • Code and data management principles and tips

Thanks to this training and regular follow-up support from Masae, the bank's team became autonomous in web scraping, geocoding, and many other geospatial analysis tools.


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