Impact Evaluation of Irrigation Weirs


Client Brief

  • Several irrigation weirs have been constructed in Chad in order to support the local agricultural sector. Masae was asked to leverage remote sensing tools to evaluate their impact on submerged areas and vegetation cover.


  • Masae used Landsat and Sentinel-2 images to measure the evolution of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), NDMI (Normalized Difference Moisture Index) and NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index) levels before and after the construction of irrigation weirs between treated and control valleys.

  • Then, to determine the evolution of vegetation cover, the team recorded the number of pixels on treated valleys with NDVI above a fixed threshold over time. The same analysis was performed with NDWI to obtain the evolution of actual submerged areas over time


  • Report summarising the key findings on the analysis carried out

  • GIS project to visualize the results spatially