Locating Refugee Presence using Satellite Imagery


Client Brief

  • Because of the war, thousands of Syrians have fled their homeland to seek refuge in Lebanon

  • Many of them live in informal rural settlements. Locating them and estimating their number is critical to the international community and actors wishing to support them


  • Use advanced deep learning methods to identify the tents scattered across Lebanon on high-resolution satellite imagery

  • Check the findings in the field with local consultants

  • Based on this identification, follow the evolution (where ? how many ?) of the informal refugee settlements and assess their access to infrastructure (roads, markets)


  • Training of a Convolutional Neural Network with roughly 3,000 images distributed between tents/not tents areas

  • Testing the algorithm on a batch of 1,000 other labeled images

  • Accuracy: 90% of the tents are correctly identified